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3M 16399 - 35W Color Corrective Bulb for PPS Sun Gun Color Matching Light

Price: $52.50
Item Number: MMM-16399

  • Used throughout the refinish process to : Identify pre-paint defects such as pin holes, sand- scratches, etc. Choose alternate colors from various chip decks. Verify color match using paint spray outs.
  • Check for complete coverage or full hiding. Identify post-paint defects such as sand-scratches, swirl marks, etc. Replacement batteries and parts also available.
  • Showing you TRUE COLOR Choose the correct variant or alternate color chip (Begin with the correct paint formula) Verify color-match using spray-outs (Make accurate judgements regardless of location, light condition, time of day or weather) The color shading or tinting process (Reduce the time needed to achieve a blendable color match) Verify full hiding or complete coverage (Discover the lack of coverage before applying clearcoat without the need to see the car outside)
  • Verify blends and metallic layout for outside appearance Identify pre-paint defects such as pin holes, sand scratches, etc. Identify post-paint defects such as swirl marks, burn through, sand scratches, etc. and reduce the chance of color mismatch and lack of coverage (Reduce the chance of costly re-work or comebacks improving cycle time and customer satisfaction
  • Click here to see the 3M Sun Gun video!

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