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3M 39044 Scratch Remover 8 oz. Auto Finishing Compound

Price: $15.00
Item Number: MMM-39044
Medium cutting, fine finishing compound suggested for use to remove coarse scratches, car wash brush scratches, heavy oxidation, and stains all types of automotive paints

  • Actually removes scratches, does not just fill them in
  • Contains no wax
  • May be used by hand or with a machine.
  • Improves simple damage such as light-to-medium scratches, swirl marks or paint imperfections with no hassles and no wait

3M Scratch and Scuff Remover is an excellent fine-finishing product for removing multiple coarse-to-fine scratches, car wash scratches, blemishes, scuffs, heavy oxidation, light stains, tree/shrub streaks and surface contaminants from your vehicles clear coat.  It will not damage the paint or clear coat.  It will actually restore the brilliance and clear finish of the painted surface quickly and easily

Recommended use and evaluation of the surface to use the 3M Scratch & Scuff Remover:  Wash the vehicle and get the surface area clean from dirt, grime and surface contaminants.  The type of damaged areas fall into a couple different areas of damage: 

  1. Above the paint attached defects/contaminants – such as paint transfer from vehicle or other painted surface; Industrial fall out; paint overspray; tree sap mist; and bird droppings AND
  2. Below the paint defects such as coarse-to-fine scratches, “touch” car wash swirl marks, heavy oxidation, etching, and blemishes.  The easiest way to assess which type of damaged area you have is to run your hand across the surface.  If you can feel it above the paint then activities such as “claying” the car with 3M Perfect it Cleaner Clay – 38070, will help to lift and remove the damaged area.  If the damaged area is below the painted/clear coated surface, then 3M Scratch and Scuff Remover is the product that can help. It can be used by hand or by machine. Simply rub it on with a microfiber cloth

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