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Before you begin: The first thing you should do is find out what the wheels are made of :

• If they are chrome or wire use
• If they are magnesium or aluminum use
• When in doubt, use:

Malco Power Brite™ Concentrated Wire Wheel Cleaner or Malco Complete Wheel & Tire Cleaner Non-Acid Formula is an effective cleaner that is safe for all wheel types.NOTE: Hot wheels and chemicals don't mix. Always hose down the wheels to cool them off and prevent damage. When using acid products, read the instructions carefully and wear proper protective apparel. 

Method of application: Do one wheel at a time to avoid letting product dry on the wheels. This can cause permanent staining. Even non-acid cleaners are high in alkaline and can stain if allowed to dry on the wheel. Rinse each wheel thoroughly and use Malco Red Thunder™ Biodegradable Degreaser to clean the tires. Tires will accept dressings better if they are clean. Check your M.S.D.S. for precautionary measures and recommended safety equipment for each product.

REMEMBER :Safety is important at all times!

Follow the link below to see how to keep your wheels clean: