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How do I get the best results from my heated extractor?

First, fill the tank with the hottest water available (up to 140 degrees F).

Next, turn on your solution pump. Hold down the spray trigger on your wand or tool until you have a steady stream of water. High pressure pumps (200 PSI and up) may need to be primed with the prime valve on the front of the unit.

Once you have a steady spray, turn off the pump, and turn on your heaters. Allow machine to sit for 5-6 minutes while the heater pre-heats.

When pre-heating is completed, press your spray trigger again until you feel hot water begin to flow. This allows the lines to be cleared of the remaining cold water.

During extraction, make 2-3 dry passes to every wet pass. This will allow your heater recovery time, and will also leave the carpets much dryer at the end of the job.

Auto Detailers Agree :

Attacking your Carpet, Upholstery and Fabric with a Mytee hot water extractor heated up to a Steaming 210 Degrees, A Powerful 3 Stage Vacuum Motor with a minimum Water Lift of 100" to 137 inches and a 100 PSI or more Water Pump is the best way to break up dirt and stains as well as removing unpleasant odors. Detail Supply Plaza a complete line of Mytee Hot Water Carpet Extractors for the Auto Detailing and Janitorial Industries at various prices to fit your needs and budget.